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Application Essays

With the fierce completion for entry into top universities, how does a student with stellar grades, excellent experience and test scores set him- or herself apart from the pack? By letting your imagination, rich experiences, skills, values and determination shine through in your essays.  While I’m not a magician, I can do magic by polishing your essays… by making them more clear and colorful.


What I need:  Your well-thought-out essay, the essay question(s) and word limits for each essay, the program(s) you’re applying to, and your resume or CV (to get a snapshot of you). 

In editing your essays, I make sure your introduction is colorful and catchy and that you tell a good story.  I also check the "mechanics" of your essays:

  • Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, & word use

  • Polish & streamline (shorten) sentences

  • Insert more precise, colorful vocabulary

  • Turn passive verbs into “actives”

  • Untangle confusing sentences and paragraphs

  • Shorten run-on sentences

  • Delete redundancies

  • Insert questions & suggestions to help you clarify concepts

  • Correct in-text citations using style guides (APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, CSE)

  • Check quotes, name spelling or facts that seem incorrect

  • Check for consistencies in spellings and style throughout a paper

  • Where to add transitions

  • Language bias (age, cultural, gender, racial, religious, etc.)

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$80 per 500-word essay.

Contact our editor at with details about your needs.

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