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About the Editor


I began academic editing in 1994 when I was a freelance journalist. Since then, I've edited hundreds of papers, dissertations, books, proposals, journal articles and CVs. Having worked as an academic editor for two decades now, I’m quite familiar with the dissertation, journal article and book publication processes.

My journalism informs my editing. I help scholars produce clear, colorful and succinct papers that reflect solid research and logic. Some scholars think academic writing must be formal, wordy and stiff to be scholarly. In fact, professors, journal editors and audiences appreciate creative approaches to presenting ideas as long as it’s clear, concise, and well-researched.

As for my education, I hold a master's degree in Social Work and worked as counselor in the 1980s. My social work background reflects my strong interest in social and political issues, including social justice and the environment. My counseling training and experience inform my academic coaching.

As an independent editor, I can give scholars individual attention and am the ‘sole eyes’ on all documents.

Paula Maute

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